Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Handwork Space

This is the bookcase that sits at my end of the sofa. I use it for my handwork projects and supplies. On the top shelf is a handmade sewing basket DS #2 bought for me a few years ago. In there you will find three containers of thread - a mix of Finca Presencia floss, Valdani floss and a few skeins of DMC. I also keep my hoops, a couple needle books and small projects in there.
The box on the left is what I kept Mr. E's sweater project in while I was working on it. A new project hasn't made it's way in there yet. Maybe soon.

From left to right on the second shelf is the container for a hand piecing project, another box of Finca thread and in the round box my threads and supplies for my Christmas Wish BOM. One of my design journals is under the brown container.

From left to right on the bottom shelf is a box of Kleenex (not quite a sewing tool, but always handy, my stitching roll and a couple of sewing books. The basket in the middle holds my stitchery projects - either the pattern directions or the completed stitchery. The last pile is Mr. E's pile - a couple toys and a couple books for him.

I love having my handwork so close to me. It's a compromise DH and I made when we moved here and I got my studio. I told him I do a lot of handwork and needed to keep it close to me when we are watching TV. I promised him the bookcase wouldn't get out of control and so far it hasn't.

Won't you share your space with us?

Sweet P

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  1. Love seeing your handwork area. I have one at the end of the couch that the family affectionately calls my nest. Great to see how organized your's is. Mine is NOT!