Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wraggedy Patches Creative Spaces

Happy Tuesday! I have received the first submission to Your Creative Spaces and I'm excited to share it with you.

Candace from Wraggedy Patches
sent me photos of her Creative Space. After checking out her space, pop on over and say hi to her. Here is her space in her words.

I have to use my sewing room as our guest room and bed for me when one of us can't sleep, too. This wall is my Juki and embroidery thread, computer and TV.
The corner with my Juki. I have 2 old typing tables pushed together to make a larger area.
The bookcase entering the room, and my featherweight, which I haven't really used.
My closet door and embroidery machine corner.
My closet, it wasn't perfect here, but is worse now, I think I'm inspired to do some straightening.

View from the hallway.
Old Bernina 1130 that I use for piecing, and my cutting-ironing table that my brother made leg extenders for. I use the bed like a big table. It has my Orange Crush on it now, and the quilt here is in our bedroom.
My little flannel design wall. It is really nice to have and has 6 inch 9 patches on it now.
My corner of the family room. Since my sewing room is the guest room, I have someplace to go to sew when we have company. My desktop computer and printer are in here.
Who wants to show off her space next?

Sweet P

Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Handwork Space

This is the bookcase that sits at my end of the sofa. I use it for my handwork projects and supplies. On the top shelf is a handmade sewing basket DS #2 bought for me a few years ago. In there you will find three containers of thread - a mix of Finca Presencia floss, Valdani floss and a few skeins of DMC. I also keep my hoops, a couple needle books and small projects in there.
The box on the left is what I kept Mr. E's sweater project in while I was working on it. A new project hasn't made it's way in there yet. Maybe soon.

From left to right on the second shelf is the container for a hand piecing project, another box of Finca thread and in the round box my threads and supplies for my Christmas Wish BOM. One of my design journals is under the brown container.

From left to right on the bottom shelf is a box of Kleenex (not quite a sewing tool, but always handy, my stitching roll and a couple of sewing books. The basket in the middle holds my stitchery projects - either the pattern directions or the completed stitchery. The last pile is Mr. E's pile - a couple toys and a couple books for him.

I love having my handwork so close to me. It's a compromise DH and I made when we moved here and I got my studio. I told him I do a lot of handwork and needed to keep it close to me when we are watching TV. I promised him the bookcase wouldn't get out of control and so far it hasn't.

Won't you share your space with us?

Sweet P

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Welcome To Your Creative Spaces

Welcome to Your Creative Spaces, a blog for highlighting our creative spaces. Everyone loves to see other creative spaces. I thought I'd create one place to highlight spaces over time. To get started I'll share my creative space. I'm sure you've seen the photos and tour before, but I have to start somewhere.

Here is the view from the door. My ironing board sits next to my display wall. There's a small cart where I put my computer or DVD player when I'm working in here.
These are my two work areas. The table is used for sewing and as a desk. Do you see the three boxes on the table? They are wooden boxes with a small chalkboard on them. I haven't decided if I'm going to use them in the studio or for storing Mr. E's toys. They were a bargain find at JoAnn's. Behind the table is my cutting island. I use it for cutting, planning and as a space for laying out in progress projects. There is also storage space for a few UFOs and my paper crafting supplies.
This is my "storage" wall. The bookcase contains my small book collection, including children's books for Mr. E. The massage chair cushion is waiting for a good home somewhere in our house. It is sitting on an antique sewing table that is also waiting to find it's perfect use. You can almost see the plastic storage unit I also got at JoAnn's. I store in it. In the black bag I have my yarn projects. The cubbies hold various items: office supplies; the fabric baskets hold sewing notions, my stitching supplies and small projects. On the bottom shelf are binders with projects and printouts from quilt classes.
Back in June, Stephanie of Loft Creations wrote a post about her passion for bags. I bookmarked it because I wanted to show how I store my bags. I don't have a design wall. Instead I have a display wall. I use 3M Command Adhesive Hooks to hang bags, ornaments and other gifts I've received in swaps. I'm always inspired when I look at the wall.
Would you like to share you creating space? I'd be happy to post a link to your blog where you can show us your creative space. To get involved, send me an email using the link above telling me you would like to participate. In the email include at least one photo of your space (I will give you complete credit) and a link to your blog showing us your space.

My plan is to show a new space on Tuesdays and Saturdays. I will post links in the order I receive them. So come on, share your space!

Sweet P